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US 12 Bar & Grill is located in Downtown wayne close to metro airport & major Expressways.

This venue features three multifaceted VIP areas & an adjacent daquiry shack Bar top Bar with a beach like setting in a relaxed atmosphere. We have state of the art sound and lighting as well as audio visual capabilities.

Whether you’re looking to host a party, celebration a special occasion OR plan an after work function we have something to offer you on every area.

Email us: [email protected]

    Happy clients

    Great place to hang out. Great people to spend Thursday night with, and Great Music.
    If you want to listen great music come to US 12 Bar…
    This place Rocks and people are also one of kind.

    Minam Cozad

    Great atmosphere, great food from homemade lasagna to meatloaf plus homemade pizza dough for their pizza and great steaks, steak bites and ofcourse fryer food, great drinks, and great staff!!

    Tracy Jones

    Some of the best memories that i have in this town are all due to this fine establishment.. Mama Mona and mike.. and Scott.. love them.. In my many years of comming here i have seen alot of great awesome friendly and even sassy bar keeps.. And its my beleif that only the best apply here..The guests that grace the Us 12 with there presence ..Big hearted,fun, and its my pleasure to call so many my friends.. In short I love this bar…

    Jill Parrino